Virtual Production Support, Design and Development


  • Unreal and Unity Development
  • Immersive Design and UX/UI Implementation
  • Data Capture for Motion and Volumetric Volumes
  • Data Management and Integration
  • Virtual Camera Operation and Cinematics
  • Sequencing for Editing
  • Rigging and Inverse Kinematics
  • Digital Image Treatment 2D<>3D
  • Computer Vision and AI Research
  • Shipping for Multiple Platforms


Virtual Reality development with Unreal or Unity. Virtual Production with Unreal Cinematics. Motion Capture with Xsens or OptiTrack and Volumetric Capture using DepthKit or SOAR. Immersive Design. Smart Content. Original non AI Story Creation.


Alexander Immersive is your valuable 3D technical collaborator. We work with artists and production houses defining what is available in the 2024 XR sandbox. From UI and UX to functionality and all points in between we help you develop your idea into an accessible app. We are continuously researching at universities and collaborating with virtual production studios to bring in cutting edge tech from the front lines to future proof your vision. Using the chosen tools we push tech to generate never before seen experiences for your users.


Most have been told orally and some are presented in VR! All works are our own and are copywritten. They are available for optioning for cinema or developed for virtual reality. For optioning write to

Mars Deep ©

Written by Casey Alexander Chapter 1 -Svalbard Islands, Norway- The sun was burning brightly in the Norwegian sky as Morten was awakened by a banging on his door. He rubbed his eyes sleepily as he pulled back the furs which were stacked over his bed in a pile. He swung his legs over the side …


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